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Infant Program

A Sense of Wonder

Infancy is a wondrous time, unmatched by any other point in a child's life. That's why infants need nurturing adults to connect with and learn from. We work as a partner with you to make the school environment as much like your home environment as possible. We provide all meals, including milk based formula and jarred baby food, or if you prefer we can store and provide your own breast milk.
For your baby, this is a time of growth, development, and wonder. Here at Little Discoveries Preschool our specially trained infant teachers are provided with resources to create a safe environment for your baby. Our infant teachers have many important responsibilities; they provide care, nurture, and most importantly build a bond with each child. It is during your babies daily routine of feeding, diapering and napping that the baby will develop a special relationship with their infant teacher.

Our teachers stimulate your babies development with engaging curriculum tailored to fit your childs unique individual needs. Each day your child will have the opportunity to practice motor development, social and emotional skills, cognitive development, and language development.

It is the safe warm nurturing environment matched with the carefully planned curriculum that will allow your baby to build a bond with their teacher and blossom to their full potential.
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